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Salon Suites for Rent in Madison, WI
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We offer upscale, private suites for hair stylists and other cosmetology professionals in Madison, WI
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Hair & Cosmetology

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Skin Care

Our Mission

We provide commercial, high-end Salon Suites to beauty professionals in Madison, Wisconsin.

By creating a modern, inviting workplace our local business owners are able to focus on providing outstanding service to their clients.

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Why Salon Suites?

Salon Suites are a relatively new concept designed for Beauty Professionals. As a salon suite Small Business Owner you can sell your own products, and provide services without the overhead costs of a traditional salon or having to work for someone who keeps 45 – 55% of the profit.

There are big benefits to having your own salon suite

- Keep 100% of your profits
- Set your own schedule
- Be your own boss
- Focus on making your customers look and feel gorgeous

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Grow your business.
The Salon Suite Model was created to allow Beauty Professionals to operate their own business without the overhead costs of owning their own Salon. Salon Suites are the most cost-effective way to own your own business and focus on taking care of your customers.
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